Ndagukunda déjà - Documentary

20 MIN | ENGLISH | DOCUMENTARY  | 2020            

Directed by Sébastien Desrosier and David Findlay

In front of a Radio-Canada camera, journalist Sébastien Desrosiers reads a news brief on the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. His accent is professional, his tone neutral, his suit and tie on-point. This short film co-directed by Desrosiers and David Findlay is a self-portrait of a very different man. With vibrantly textured images, not unlike home movies, the filmmakers retrace the journalist’s odyssey to Rwanda. The trip was punctuated by letters from Desrosiers’ Rwandan father. The son, then 28, had just connected with his father for the first time. Personal life, family legacies and national history are interwoven in this poignant story about roots, identity and the burden of the past. (Bruno Dequen)